E2SE’s centrifuges are ATEX certified by INERIS.
  • AUGUST 2016
Visite Kuwaït Oil Company
The Kuwait Oil Compagny...
  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    September 30 in Paris


  • DECEMBER 2013
    POLLUTEC at Paris Villepinte for 26 IIème edition from
    3 au 6 december 2013


  • JULY 2010

    E2SE intervened in the treatment of BP’s oil slick in ALABAMA, United States

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Simple construction, robust and economic exploitation, these filters are implemented for all liquids that contain solid impurities larger than 80 µm.

A self-cleaning device with helical brushes and an interchangeable cylindrical cartridge in order to avoid all risks of clogging.

Our self-cleaning filters permit flows between 0.5 and 400 m3/h, according to the equipment and the quality of the filtered liquid.

The interchangeable cartridges are made out of stainless steel, with filtration rates ranging from 80 µm up to several millimeters.


- Gear motor ranging from 0.37kW to 3kW according to filter model, standards or ATEX

-  Automatic draining valve, by ΔP control or manual control

Manufacturing :

-  Stainless steel or carbon steel mechanically welded

-  Weldings carried out under gas argon environment

-  Conform to CODAP/DESP standards

Maintenance :

-  Simple and fast disassembly



Our ST filters are called “basket strainer”. They are hermetically closed cylinders containing a perforated sheet basket. The basket can be easily withdrawn for cleaning.

Each basket is equipped with a feed flange, and output flange and an additional output flange positioned at the bottom for draining.

The liquid is filtered from the interior to the exterior of the basket. The basket size is a function of the flow and other fluid characteristics, particularly the suspended matter load.

The solid particles form a deposit at the bottom of the basket. They are easily evacuated when the filter is open.

The basket strainers are dimensioned to avoid exceeding the maximum permissible loss of head according to the filter and the basket chosen in combination. This dimensioning exercise defines the head loss for a unit filter/basket and makes it possible to guarantee a satisfying operation of the basket strainer and the longest service life for the basket.