E2SE’s centrifuges are ATEX certified by INERIS.
Visite Kuwaït Oil Company
The Kuwait Oil Compagny...
  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    September 30 in Paris


  • DECEMBER 2013
    POLLUTEC at Paris Villepinte for 26 IIème edition from
    3 au 6 december 2013


  • JULY 2010

    E2SE intervened in the treatment of BP’s oil slick in ALABAMA, United States

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The objective of the company Europe Separations and Services for the Environment (E2SE) is to find solutions, provide technical devices and assist all industries with their complex fluids separation problems.


We design and manufacture material and equipment for the treatment and separation of fluids.

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We intervene in the following fields :

  •     Two and three phase dynamic centrifugation
  •     Fluids filtration
  •     All separations liquid/liquid and liquid/solid

Fields of Applications

  • Oil industry
  •   Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  •   Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water treatment
  •  Manufacturing wastes treatment



Matériel E2SE

E2SE manufactures and markets centrifugation equipment for separating liquid/liquid/solids


Services E2SE

On site or workshop repairs, maintenance, spare parts sales, hiring centrifugal equipment…